The “RES Difference” is what you can expect when you let Real Energy Solutions work with you. Most companies, when it comes to shopping for electricity are offering simple rates or plans. These one dimensional strategies leave companies exposed or “boxed in” an ever changing, volatile market. When dealing with a commodity, a company should have control, flexibility, options, and opportunities to respond to market changes. The age-old principle of survival of the fittest applies also to today’s business environment. This principle relies heavily on the ability to adapt. In today’s energy markets, companies should have strategies enabling them to adapt and respond to current market conditions. Most simple retail rates and programs limit this ability. With Real Energy Solutions, one of our knowledgeable energy consultants will take the time to study the way your business operates, determine your usage patterns, and help you formulate a strategy based on existing and future market conditions. In this day and age of energy deregulation, it’s no longer about having a “good rate” or a “long term contract”, it’s about having a STRATEGY that positions your organization to hedge risk and capitalize on opportunity. What’s your energy strategy the next few years? If you have trouble answering this question, then it may be time to experience the RES Difference.


Real Energy Solutions has a standard of excellence not only in the value in our products, but as well as the customer service that we can provide to every customer. What sets us apart from any other competitors in our industry is that we value and learn from each individual customer. Rather than outsourcing each customer to their retail electric provider, we have a team that has been specifically designed for your account. Our customers are the most important component in the vision of Real Energy Solutions. We consider it an honor to serve you and your business for your electrical needs. Merely satisfying our customers will not be enough to earn their loyalty. Instead, they must experience exceptional service worthy of repeat business and referrals. Every great business is built on friendship and at Real Energy Solutions, we strive to not only gain your business but your friendship and loyalty. 

Real Energy Solutions is confident in the fact that our expert energy consultants can help your company better understand new options, products, and the choices that have become available to you thanks to energy deregulation. So leave the guesswork to your competitors and let Real Energy Solutions help you today!


Real Energy Solutions makes the REPs compete for your business. By pulling customized load data for your specific business and submitting it to multiple REPs, the REPs are then able to better give you a customized price based on your company’s usage.

Many REPs and “sales companies” offer pricing in a box, without pulling your load data, often giving you a price and solution which is not specific to your business. By taking your specific load data and shopping the market and multiple REPs, Real Energy Solutions does the legwork for your business.



Even though the business landscape has evolved over the last decade and dramatic changes have taken hold of the business world, there are still a few principles that RES lives by. One of these principles, is the importance of creating a personal relationship with our clients. Our unique face to face approach when speaking to one of our consultants has been critical to our success. After speaking with one of our consultants, we request a copy of your most recent electricity bill. A request for historical usage is submitted to your local utility. Once the usage is uploaded to our state of the art portal, your load profile consisting of your kWh consumption, kVa, peak demand, time of use, and load factor is analyzed and sent to our network of retail electric suppliers/providers. This process tips the leverage scale back in the customer’s favor by allowing our network of retail electric providers/suppliers to compete for your business creating opportunities to qualify for better pricing, terms, and even wholesale products that are only typically offered to large commercial/industrial customers who spend millions of dollars a year on energy. Real Energy Solutions submits your load data to multiple REPs and makes them compete for your business. Once an option is found that is suitable for your business needs, we provide it to you and let you make the decision. It is as simple as that. No strings attached.



By using multiple REPS you are naturally provided with multiple options to customize a solution for your business. For instance, some REPs do not allow convenient payment methods such as “Online Payments”, while others do. Some REPs offer a 10 day “Grace Period” for payment, while others offer 20 days. We also have options of “Forward Locking” your new agreement up to one year if you are currently in a contract. This can allow you to take advantage of a great deal today, without canceling your existing contractual obligations. Many customers also like to take advantage of our “Quick Start” option, which allows you to switch over before your next scheduled meter read. In addition, we are able to offer “MCPE, Fixed, and Hybrid” products depending on your specific business needs. A very popular option is our “CASH BACK REWARD” program. Many businesses feeling the crunch of the economy have received immediate relief with this option. With Real Energy Solutions there is no cost, credit checks, or fees required to shop your load. If we find an option you are pleased with, great! If not, then that’s ok too. We present you with your options, after that it's your choice, your call.