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Fixed Product

Fixed products are the most commonly offered products because of the budget certainty, guaranteed pricing, and peace of mind that they offer. They are typically full requirement products and the REP hedges for all risk associated with your load. That protection does come with a premium, so a fixed product is not always the most cost effective solution for your business.

Fixed products can be offered from 1-5 year terms, depending on your qualifications.

Index Product

Index products are typically 20-25% cheaper than retail/fixed products. Even though index products are extremely cost effective, they are on the wholesale market which can present some risk and exposure to the market. With the right energy consultant, that risk can properly be managed and mitigated ensuring your business maximizes the full potential of this product. (Typically for companies spending over $50,000 per year). For a look at the most up to date market data, please click the link below.

Heat Rate Product

Heat Rate is similar to an index product except that your pricing is linked to the price of a natural gas index as opposed to the ERCOT index. Heat rate products effectiveness is dependent on seasonal factors, weather conditions, and the domestic supply and demand economics of natural gas in the United States. With the right strategy, a heat product can be a good fit for any business. (Typically for companies spending over $50,000 per year)

Hybrid Product

The hybrid product is uniquely designed for a very specific type of business. It offers the best of both worlds by combining a fixed and index product. Due to the complexity of the product, a sit down consultation is required in order to discuss the suitability of the product with your business.


Power Portfolio Product

This product is a unique product that is a great fit for a unique business. This product gives companies the best of both worlds, a hybrid of fixed pricing and index pricing. This product requires a company to truly sit down with one of our consultants to see if this is product is the right fit for your company. (Typically for companies spending over $100,000 per year)

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