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What if I am currently in a contract?

Real Energy Solutions works with many REP’s who offer “Forward Locking” of your contract. This option allows a customer to forward lock their new contract for up to one year, enabling the customer to complete their current contractual obligations while simultaneously taking advantage of the market today. This option can ensure a customer is not vulnerable to market conditions when their contract expires; providing them price protection, peace of mind, and budget certainty in an uncertain market.

Who do I call if I have a power outage?

If you experience an emergency related to your electricity service or a power outage, call the number printed on your electric bill for repairs and emergencies. The local TDSP will repair your service or restore your power just as they will your neighbors’ service – regardless of your Retail Electric Provider. There is no special treatment or priority in service restoration for customers of any particular Retail Electric Provider.

Who reads my meter once I switch?

The same people you would call today. Regardless of which Retail Electric Provider you choose, the actual delivery of the electricity (“transmission and distribution”) is still provided by your local Transmission and Distribution Service Provider, (also referred to as the “TDSP”). Your TDSP will continue to be responsible for maintaining the poles, wires, and meter that deliver and measure the electricity consumed by your home or business. They are also responsible for reading your meter and providing the amount of electricity that you consume to your REP, and for restoring service when there is a power outage.

Your choice of REP does not affect the reliability of your transmission and distribution service or how quickly your power will be restored following an outage caused by a storm or other events. The Public Utility Commission continues to regulate TDSPs by setting the rates for transmission and distribution service, setting reliability and safety standards, and ensuring that all customers and REPs are treated the same when it comes to the delivery of electricity to your home or business.

Why did my state deregulate?

Imagine having one company to buy gas from, one grocery store chain to shop from, or one restaurant chain to eat at. What if you do not like their food, prices, or their service? This is exactly why there was a need for deregulation. Competition keeps everyone on their toes, providing you (the customer) with more options, more flexibility, and more solutions. Real Energy Solutions does the legwork for your company, delivering what others promise!

What if I am not satisfied with the options brought to me?

No problem! The ball is in your court, if you are not happy with your choices, you are under no obligations. No strings attached.