Who we are

Real Energy Solutions (RES) is a full service energy-consulting firm. Headquartering out of Houston, Texas, we effectively conduct business in every major deregulated market in the United States. We proudly provide our consulting expertise with a wide array of clients ranging from key players in the oil & gas industry, real estate, manufacturing, entertainment, major restaurant chains, national franchises and small family operated businesses.

With deregulation in full effect in 18 states and counting, RES offers its wide range of clients a long standing history of market expertise and product knowledge, combined with a dynamic network of energy suppliers to choose from.

Why we do it

The government passed deregulation laws in order to protect consumers and return their power of choice. And customers have done just that! By exercising their power to choose, customers have found cost savings, stability, and peace of mind for their energy solutions.

By having the REPs compete for your business, Real Energy Solutions does the leg work for you, putting the ball back in your court with your power of choice. Businesses who properly forecast and hedge their margins today have the peace of mind and price protection for their business for years to come.

The facts

With over 5 billion kilowatts acquired and managed over the past 9 years, our strong relationships with suppliers and providers give us the ability to offer a portfolio of various energy product options and solutions. We champion a unique paradigm that our client relationships are truly partnerships that lead to healthy, successful, and long-term experiences. At Real Energy Solutions, we truly deliver what others promise.